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A picture may be worth a thousand words but that never seems to apply for flat pack instructions, especially Ikea. It seems as though the assembly service is trying to teach the whole world Jibberish. It simply seems impossible to put the parts together on your own even for the seasoned DIYer.

To avoid those hard moments and save your precious time – contact us for an experienced furniture assembler at Local Handyman Can. We offer an assembly service for IKEA furniture along with a wide range of other UK furniture retailers throughout Surrey & London.

We eliminates the nuisances associated with the purchase of new home and office furniture, flat pack furniture assembly in Surrey & London has never been easier!

IKEA has become a paragon for furniture assembly in London but Local Handyman Can can do a flat pack assembly from any brand, including but not limited to:
John Lewis, Tesco, Peter Jones, Mamas & Papas, Heals, Argos, Asda, B&Q, Dwell, Homebase, Harveys and many more!

Choose a handyman from Local Handyman Can and forget about the troublesome IKEA assembly service.

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